Remembering your faith community in your Will
After providing for family members in your Will, have you ever considered leaving a bequest directly to your local parish or the Diocese of Broken Bay? This is called a legacy or bequest.

Over the years, many people who have felt a special connection with their local parish and church have left part of their Estate to their Parish or the Diocese of Broken Bay. Like a gift to a charity, a bequest of any amount to the Church is a way of saying “thank you” for the spiritual nurturing provided to you and your family over the years.

Your Parish
Many of us have a special connection to our parish, nurtured by years of faith-sharing, schooling, friendships and support.

A bequest to your parish, no matter how small, will help the faith community which has meant so much to you to continue its good works and its loving outreach. It is also a means by which you can plan a lasting gift for your parish which might not be possible in your lifetime.

In receiving a bequest, a parish may be able to use the gift to attend to much needed maintenance and improvements to the church and other Parish property or put the gift towards building a new church or refurbishing their existing one. These kinds of gifts help the Parish free up other income to use toward pastoral care programs.

The Diocese of Broken Bay
The need for material and spiritual assistance provided by the Diocese is always growing. One of the many areas of need is to provide financial support in the training and formation of priests, deacons and lay parish ministers.

A bequest to the Diocese of Broken Bay will assist the Diocese to provide support for its many and varied works.

No matter the size of the gift, a bequest of any kind in your Will can make a significant difference.

Your Gift
The following are some examples of how a bequest may be given:

• A Specific Bequest: A detailed gift, for example an item of property, shares or an insurance policy

• Percentage of your Estate: Nominating a set percentage of your Estate for your chosen beneficiaries

• Residuary Bequest: Nominating a beneficiary to receive any leftover monies from your Estate

• Whole Estate: Nominating your entire Estate for your chosen beneficiary

Would you like to know more?
If you would like to know more about how to remember your local Parish or the Diocese of Broken Bay in your Will, please contact the Parish Secretary on 9484 1427. You can be assured that all enquiries are obligation free and are treated with the strictest confidence.

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