The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) has been thoughtfully developed by the Church to help new and existing Catholics on their spiritual journey of discovery and enrichment.

The RCIA will commence in early October. If you are interested in joining in full communion with the Church through the sacraments and would like more information, please call our Office 9484 1427 or review the RCIA page.

 This year we plan to use quality videos and instructional material developed by Symbolon; The Augustine Institute. A sample session video is below.

Acclaimed author, speaker, and theologian Dr. Edward Sri leads over 25 of the world’s top experts to clearly and comprehensively explain the Catholic Faith in a way that helps us know it, live it, and articulate it to others. Symbolon presenters include Johnnette Benkovic, Patrick Coffin, Jason and Crystalina Evert, Dr. Tim Gray, Curtis Martin, Leah Darrow, Chris Stefanick, Teresa Tomeo, Fr. Leo Patalinghug, and many more!

This compelling series contains two parts including ten episodes each. In Part 1, we journey through the core teachings of the Catholic Church traced out in the Creed and Catechism with the goal of knowing the Faith. In Part 2, we focus on our encounter with God in the sacraments and the moral life so that we can be fully living the Faith. The video will be supplemented with notes and discussions.

This RCIA program is also open to existing Catholics to re-discover aspects of our faith and deepen our spiritual development. Together we will journey to Easter.
Please let us know if you are attending the Enquiry Evening by completing the form below.

Evening Format:

Welcome (Fr Paul)
Short Prayer (Fr Paul & Richard)
Purpose and Explanation of RCIA (Fr Paul)
Introduction to one another (Fr Paul)
Input – Content and RCIA meetings format (Richard )
An outline of the RCIA process – i.e. the stages on the journey, the rites within the Rite. (Anne)
Questions? (Fr Paul, & Richard)
Close meeting with a blessing and a cuppa.

RCIA enquiry form

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