Children's Sacramental Program

The children’s sacramental program is central to our Parish.

Children’s Sacramental Program.
The introduction for our children into the Sacraments of the Church is both a spiritual and proud time for all involved. It is an introduction for children into the celebration and ceremonies when Christ touches their lives. It helps them understand  goodness. As parents, it gives us an opportunity to explain and connect with our children on spiritual aspects that they will carry with them forever. No special gifts are required from us, our companionship and witness speaks volumes to our children. We pray that God’s Spirit will guide you, as parents in helping your children.

The order of the Sacraments for children after Baptism, begin with Confirmation, then First Reconciliation (Confession), followed with receiving First Holy Communion to complete their initiation into the Church. Therefore, the Children’s Sacramental Program is three stages starting in February, May and August respectively for each of the Sacraments.  Please see below. You can discuss any questions or concerns either through your child’s school or contact our Sacramental and Catechist Coordinator, Ms Tina Muscat on 02-94841427 or

Please see our useful links section on the First Holy Communion page for great preparatory information.

First Reconciliation (Confession)
Wednesday  7th  February, 2018 at 7.30pm

Wednesday   14th  March, 2018        3.30pm to  5.00pm
Saturday       17th  March, 2018         8.30am to 10.00am
Saturday       17th  March, 2018         2:00pm to  3:00 pm

First holy communion
Wednesday 9th May, 2018 at 7.30pm

Sunday  17th  June, 2018  at  12.00 noon  and  2.00pm
Sunday   24th June, 2018  at  12.00 noon and 2.00pm

Wednesday 25th  July, 2018  at 7.30pm

Friday    31st  August, 2018   at  5.00pm   and 7.00pm

Typically 130-140 children prepare for each Sacrament. Your cooperation by providing information by the specified due date makes the administration task of the program much easier. If for a good reason, you cannot complete your enrolment by the due date and need to make alternative arrangements, please contact our Sacramental and Catechist Coordinator, Ms Tina Muscat on 02-94841427 or


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