Fr RansonRev Dr David Ranson, Vicar General of the Diocese of Broken Bay, invites you to read and reflect on a series of reflections about major issues facing us as a society.

Reflection 1 – The Moral Issues Before Us

Reflection 2 – Learning Our Voice

Reflection 3 – Euthanasia and Voluntary Assisted Dying.

Reflection 4 – Safeguarding our Children

Reflection 5 – Same Sex Marriage.

Fr. David Ranson is a priest of the Diocese of Broken Bay, Parish Priest of Holy Name Wahroonga, and Vicar General of the Diocese. He was ordained in 1992 in the Cistercian monastery of Tarrawarra Abbey. For many years he has lectured through the Sydney College of Divinity at the Catholic Institute of Sydney, and is well known for his writing and lecturing throughout Australia and New Zealand in issues of spiritual and pastoral formation, and on the implications of sexual abuse within the Church. More on Fr Ranson can be found at Diocese Web site Fr Ranson appointed VG and Fr David Ranson installed as Parish Priest at Wahroonga.