Important News for Musicians

Recommended masses settings:

For Ordinary Time: Mass of St. Francis/Mass of Creation (NEW version)/Mass of the Blessed Trinity.

Advent: Mass for Moderns/Missa Emmanuel

Christmastide & Easter-Body & Blood of Christ: Mass of Spirit & Grace or Mass Shalom. Celtic Alleluia can be played if you wish.

Musical Judgment 1:

Liturgically, it must serve the spirit and norms of the liturgy and the faith it expresses.

Is it closely connected and synchronized with the liturgical action?

Does it express the Church’s faith and teaching?

Does it adhere to the text it presents?

(from Music Within the Mass, 2nd edition. Broken Bay Diocesan Liturgy Commission)

Musical Judgment 2:

Musically , it must be beautiful.

Does it possess sound form, to be aptly suited to singing by the intended music ministers?

Is it true art, with enduring appeal, able to bear the weight of repeated singing over time?

Does it reflect the gestures of the rite in rhythm and tempo?

(from Music Within the Mass, 2nd edition. Broken Bay Diocesan Liturgy Commission)

Musical Judgment 3:

Pastorally, it must be relevant to the particular assembly.

Does it comply with the legitimate demands for adaptation and inculturation, in a language that is comprehensible to the majority?

Does it involve the entire assembly in the celebration, inviting prayerful participation of each and every person?

Is it deserving of universal esteem, while allowing for personal tastes in music, but offending nobody?

(from Music Within the Mass, 2nd edition. Broken Bay Diocesan Liturgy Commission)

Be a Projectionist!

Love music, but not really a singer? Or don’t want to be up the front?

Come regularly to the same mass and want to help others participate more fully?

If you aren’t afraid to use a computer, why not become a projectionist?

Welcome to St. Agatha’s Music Ministry!

all the faithful should be led to that fully conscious, and active participation in liturgical celebrations which is demanded by the very nature of the liturgy.Sacrosanctum Concilium, 14

As music ministers, our aim is to enable the congregation to be fully part of the liturgy. Much of the mass is meant to be sung, and those parts generally belong to the people – they are not for solo performance, but for communal worship. We may guide the worship, we may augment the beauty of the singing, But we must sing as part of our worshiping community. If you have musical skills, in voice or instrument, and wish to serve the people of God in this way, please come and join us! We also need people who would like to contribute their audio visual skills – you need a bit of familiarity with a computer, but nothing extraordinary apart from being willing to help.

Contact the Music Ministry Committee

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