After assessing online participation, we believe it is prudent to restrict live streaming of services to activities that need to reach beyond our immediate parish, like weddings and funerals, when dear ones cannot attend due to Covid. Our channel has been operational since March 2020. It has served us well during these critical times. It is evident from the people at Mass that most people feel comfortable returning to the Church. It is encouraging to see people continue to practice good hygiene in consideration of others at Mass. While we have analysed an extensive range of statistics available through YouTube, the most telling is a 39% drop in views from 12,903 to 7,895 over the last 12 months. The real decline in Mass viewings over this period has been masked somewhat by a substantial increase in weddings and funerals, which had high online attendance. We appreciate that there may be housebound people or those concerned about venturing into large public gatherings. These are very real issues, and we encourage those people to participate in the continuing live-streaming services available in our region. Many of these services were pioneers in recognition of people’s needs and delivered online Mass before Covid. Click here for our Cathedral live streaming.

We have produced 402 videos which have been viewed 433,00 times. This has culminated in 22,200 hours of viewing time, and we have 6,500 subscribers to our channel.

Speaking personally, I want to give thanks to all who have helped. I’d like to emphasise that it has been a significant communal response from the beginning, with some young and nimble minds that assisted with setting up the mechanisms. There have also been some very dedicated people who have endured continuously to deliver the services week after week. Much goes on behind the scenes, and the many moving parts within the technology can be quite unpredictable with the quality we aspire to. Very significant recognition must also go to the clergy and parish staff who supported us into uncharted waters. Delivering their ecclesial services on such a public platform was not easy. Strategically, they fully supported us even though there were great risks of unjust criticism. Our thanks go to Fathers; Raphael, Stephen, Vincent, Paul, Harry and Sam. The acknowledgement must also go to the technical and support team of Andrew Kennaugh, Adriel Pereira, Rob Spencer and Anne Bailey. An exceptional special mention must go to Sean D’Cunha, who enthusiastically embraced the cause and supplied many hours of videoing and often flying solo. No remuneration was paid to anyone and there was no commercial gain for the parish. Everyone provided their services voluntarily and gave unselfishly of their time. Thanks also to our friends, families and the many parishioners that gave us feedback and encouragement through this.

In conclusion, I’d like to say that we have been inspired by how this strange exercise has been a good example of the Christian community. It has shown us that we can venture into the unknown with tolerance, understanding and encouragement.

Should you have any concerns or issues you’d like to discuss; please share your thoughts by completing the form below. We’d be happy to attend to your ideas.

Richard Houwing
Parishioner, Aspirant Deacon in the Diocese.


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