A short explanation of our three central goals as a parish:

CONVERSION is an openness to the work of grace, turning our hearts and lives toward Jesus Christ.  Conversion is the centre of our vision because it is the reason we exist as a parish – to be open to the action of God in our lives, the God who is always seeking us.

COMMUNITY is about Christ-centred relationships. By this shall all know that you are my disciples, that you have love one for another.

MISSION is sharing the call of the Gospel and our experience of God with others through service (pastoral care, outreach and social justice activities), relationships (community) and faith sharing (ongoing conversion).

The motto of our St Agatha’s School: All to the greater glory of God. Our foundations as a combined parish and school community are embedded in the charism of the Good Samaritan Order and we are also guided by their motto, “In omnibus glorificetur deus” – In all things may God be glorified.

While proudly Catholic, we are ecumenical and we are open to people of other faiths and those seeking faith.  Our parish is situated on busy Pennant Hills Road, a constant reminder we are in a busy modern Western secular city. We are in an area of Sydney known as the “Evangelical Bible Belt”. We are part of a nation of many faiths, and increasingly our parish community is enriched with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

We seek to be a people of ongoing conversion, community and mission. May St Agatha’s be like “a city on a hilltop”, reflected in our ongoing life and mission within the wider society and busy marketplace of Sydney.

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