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Alpha is an experience and an opportunity for everyone. You are invited to try it out.

Tuesday evenings, starting 23 August, 7:30 pm – online via Zoom.


Wednesdays, Online Alpha, starting 24 August, 7:30 pm via Zoom

Who is Alpha for?

Alpha is for anyone who is curious and looking for an open, casual and honest space to explore life’s big questions. Perhaps you have no faith connection at all, or maybe you attend Mass weekly but would like to go deeper – wherever you are in life and faith, Alpha is for you. Alpha is free to attend, and all are welcome to try it out. 

What guests have said…

‘I am a practicing Catholic but have only come into relationship with God in the last few years when life’s challenges brought me closer to Him. Alpha helped me further grow in faith and relationship. I re-learned the basics of Christianity through simple language, relatable experiences and inspiring stories in a welcoming, inclusive and non-judgemental environment. Alpha is a series which is far from boring as the atmosphere is casual and relaxed. Dinner is even served at the start of each session just to set the right mood.

Anyone, no matter where one is in their faith journey, will find the content insightful and reflective if one keeps an open mind.

If you feel something is missing in your life, then why not give Alpha a try?’


Testimonials from St Agatha’s parishioners…

‘An invitation to attend Alpha at St Agatha’s provided an opportunity to learn more about Alpha, that I had previously heard operated in many Christian parishes and in many countries. The enthusiasm of the presenters that evening and the style of participation had me really interested to follow through and learn more about the Alpha approach to understanding the multiple facets of the Christian Faith that we live,  breathe and share. The thought-provoking Alpha sessions provided a timely refresher to think about our faith in this ever-changing world in which we live.
The ‘Alpha way’ which combines social gathering, quality video presentation and engaging small group discussion, is an opportunity well suited to participation by friends, couples and individuals. Re-invigoration of faith is one experience that comes to mind but Alpha also proved to be a tremendously inspiring view of our faith from the perspective of other participants who live in our, but also other very different, communities all around our globe.

I would recommend those who find the above comments of interest, might seize this opportunity to come and try Alpha’


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Our first three Alpha groups ran successfully, some online and others face to face.

The most recent third group had their final gathering over the Holy Spirit Weekday Retreat on 17 April, 2021 at St. Josephs’, Baulkham Hills. It was a Spirit-filled day experienced by all guests.

Alpha to me…

February, 2021

Personal Testimonial…

February, 2021

A word that describes guests description of the Holy Spirit Weekday Retreat…

November 2020

In response to the Covid pandemic, we ran our Alpha group online for the very first time in 2020. While we missed the face to face interaction, it was still a very successful and spiritual program. This covered the 9 – 10 weeks of the videos and discussions to aid our companionship and growth in spirituality. The conclusion was a group meeting over the Holy Spirit Weekday Retreat following COVID safety measures. It was a Spirit-filled day experienced by all guests.

The group completed their Alpha journey on 24, November, 2020, with a hearty fellowship meal, followed by a very engaging video and ended with a great discussion, leaving all guest enthused and excited. The parish team would like to thank all guests for their participation and the helpers, hosts and hospitality team for organising Alpha for the group.

Pics from our 24 November Alpha…

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Pics from our recent Alpha…